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RMM (Dasong) launches new mascot

2019/5/10 14:56:48

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——RMM (Dasong) launches new mascot


2019 is a unique year for RMM (Dasong). Established 25 years ago, the company has been upgrading its visual identity since 2017. What brand image and strategy will we see at this year's SinoCorrugated exhibition? 

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Spectacular Re-Launch of RMM (Dasong) Mascot


On April 8, SinoCorrugated 2019 opened at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. RMM (Dasong), an exhibitor at the event, participated under the theme of “Everywhere. All the time.” The company held a branded Conference on the first morning of the exhibition and generated a lot of buzz.  


Wu Xiaochuan, General Manager, RMM Marketing Center; Peter Ma, General Manager, Overseas Department and İlker Argüç, Sales Director, EMEA, all took part in the conference, together with customers, agents and representatives of the international mass media.

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After a passionate performance of Latin ballroom dance, the RMM (Dasong) Mascot Conference officially began.  First, Wu Xiaochuan, General Manager of the RMM Marketing Center, delivered a welcome speech in which he thanked the audience for being part of the momentous occasion. Mr. Wu added that, in the past 25 years, RMM (Dasong) has focused all its energy on production R&D and innovation of corrugated rolls. This is a key pillar and core advantage of the company in the market.

Looking ahead, RMM (Dasong)'s market strategy will emphasize brand, service and globalization. In recent years, the company has improved its presence in international markets.  A new factory also commenced operations last year. The company’s focus remains on creating a decisive advantage for customers and becoming their most trusted business partner.

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Wu Xiaochuan (General Manager, RMM Marketing Center)

「International Brand Strategy,Customer Service A Top Priority」

Peter Ma, General Manager of the Overseas Department, introduced RMM (Dasong)'s future international market strategy and explained the concept behind the newly launched mascot, Rocky.


The company remains committed to creating high-speed production lines.  We plan to stand firm, with a spirit of ingenuity, product quality and innovation. Under the theme of“Everywhere. All the time.”the event highlighted the company’s future market strategy - brand, service and globalization layout.  It is also the reason behind the revamped Mascot.

According to Peter Ma, Rocky is a lion that is powerfully and unstoppably designed. The lion represents RMM Dasong’s consistency and quality, which also symbolizes the company’s position as an innovator and leader in the industry.

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      Peter Ma. General Manager, Overseas Department

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      Peter Ma. General Manager, Overseas Department

During the unveiling ceremony, three executives pressed a starter device, marking the official release of the new Mascot of RMM (Dasong), Rocky. The adorable creature attracted local and international customers to pose for photos.

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▲RMM (Dasong) executives and mascot Rocky

Photos of local Chinese and international customers with Rocky

「Wonderful performance, RMM (Dasong) rocked the house with red」

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▲Variety of daily performances 

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▲RMM (Dasong) rocked the house with red

「Brand upgrade – the realization of a hundred-year dream」


The launch of the mascot symbolized the strategic upgrade of the RMM (Dasong) brand, as well as a new pivot in its international market strategy. RMM (Dasong) has spent 25 years making steady progress. In future, the company will work with more international partners to create a future that spans another hundred years.

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